Gold Shimmer

I love me some gold shimmer.  I think silver shimmer can look very frosty and strange on my skin, but it's often in lip and highlight/blush products.  On my aforementioned Walgreens adventure, I managed to pick up a couple items with gold shimmer.  Got a Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow Blush & Bronzer that came with a sample of MoistureShine Gloss in Fruity Pink 110.  Nice creamy pink with gold shimmer.  It's not very opaque which was a little disappointing, but I do like the gold sparkle.  Also picked up a Wet n Wild coloricon blusher in Pearlescent Pink 831E.  Shockingly pigmented (just a slight dab on the cheeks was approaching too much) but also has a nice gold shimmer.  Getting that sheen on the cheeks may prove tricky with the intense pink that comes along for the ride. 
Excuse the poor picture quality, suboptimal lighting and camera.

Swatches top to bottom: Wet n Wild coloricon, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow blush, bronzer, Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss :
Had difficulty swatching the blush and bronzer; both aren't the best payoff and the blush is quite light and tends to disappear into my skin, compounded by fair skin getting blown out by the flash.  Layered a thick amount of gloss to see the color, when applying it goes on quite sheer.

Overall, I'm happy to pick up two golden pink products in one drugstore visit.