How it started again

The only true mainstay of makeup I had over the years was mascara, my light brown and blond-at-the-tips eyelashes make me look sickly without something.  I went in phases with eyeliner, eyeshadow, lip glosses.  I never had much instruction, I was just winging it with what I thought made me look better than a sleepy zombie.  One afternoon I was looking for ideas on using velcro rollers that I had bought on a whim at the grocery store and I stumbled into a youtube tutorial.  Upon further investigation, it turned out to be beauty guru Emily Eddington and her channel emilynoel83.

I was hooked.  All these years I'd been wanting to know the secrets of fabulous eye makeup I'd seen on friends, but could never quite figure it out for myself.  Chalked it up to shaky hands and the lack of artistic ability.  Now I saw the light, and all this time what I was missing... blending!  It all started to make sense.  The more time I spent watching the videos, the more I wanted to try out new products.  Turns out the lightest shade of foundation often is light enough in products these days, I discovered an unexpected love of blush, and have had a rapid increase in an already large lip product supply.

So here I am now, looking to share my thoughts to the community of beauty enthusiasts.  I never thought I would be looking forward to the end of the workday so I could trot over to Walgreens to check out the products on sale, but I do know one thing - I am not alone!