Tightlining, spazzy eye lids

I've been trying to improve my overall eye lining technique of late - having sort of hooded droopy eyes I don't use liner as often as I'd like because if done poorly, it can enhance that sad eye appearance.  One thing I have noticed that's relatively easy to do and works well regardless of loose eyelid skin is tightlining my upper lash line.  An amusing thing I have noticed is while I have no issues going over the inner and outer thirds of my lash/lid line, once I reach that center third my eyes really freak out.  Quite an effort to keep the lid under control!  I'm curious if over time it will improve and become desensitized like the rest of my eyes.  I've always had serious problems with things getting close/put in eyes (such as eye drops), need to pry them open Clockwork Orange-style.  Maybe the tightlining will have a ripple effect and make other eye maintenance less of a trauma!  Fingers crossed!