Foundation with Freckles and Difficult Skin, Coverage and More

I hadn't considered wearing foundation for many years due to the lack of light enough color selections, but maybe a year or so ago using the little shade finder gadget with L'Oreal True Match it seemed to match me on the lightest warm shade (W1).  While I'm not a huge fan of this foundation, it opened me up to the idea that even drugstore brands were carrying shades light enough for my skintone.

I have acne issues, redness, a few broken capillaries in my cheeks, dry patches around my nose and a very oily chin.  Having moved to the north midwest from a very humid tropical climate this year, my skin also had to adjust to a very dry winter.  Altogether, good reasons to want some decent coverage, but the patchiness from weather and acne treatments have given some trouble texture-wise.

If that wasn't enough, I do like my freckles and don't want them to be covered by makeup.  Finding the right balance of coverage for the redness and spots without hiding the freckles has been tricky.  I find it truly sad when searching the web for information about makeup for freckles and the vast majority is about trying to cover them.  Using concealer for especially red areas (the capillaries on cheeks) helps get away with a light coverage, but I'm still finding difficulty in achieving the perfect balance.  Throwing acne into the mix makes everything more complicated, I don't aim to completely cover the spots but just tone down the redness.  Too much coverage (from concealer) seems to aggravate the acne even more.

I am hoping with the warmer weather coming soon (though we had snow over the weekend and it's forecast for more this Tuesday) the humidity will balance out the excessively dry, peeling spots.  I can't seem to keep spots right around my nose from drying to the point of peeling.  Downside being I can feel the oil is increasing on my chin and soon I will be in the Sweat Zone since I take the bus to work.

With the 15% off sale at Sephora, I went in hoping to try out the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+ for the water resistant, oil free, oil controlling properties.  Apparently I wasn't the only one!  The shade I think matches best, #20 Ivory; sold out!  Didn't have it in stock at another store the SA called either.  I did go home with a sample to try out of #15 and #20 (#15 is a little pink for me) and SA has promised to hold a bottle for me when the shipment comes in on Wednesday (thankfully still in time to use the coupon).  I wanted to give my skin a chance to breathe today so I'm going sans-foundation/powder, but I will give the sample a try on my full face tomorrow.  My only concerns are that a) it will have too much coverage b) it will catch on my dry spots (I really make an effort with moisturizing and exfoliating but haven't found the perfect balance yet) c) I've heard it can be difficult to blend/sets quickly and I am known to be a slow mover.  We'll see!

One day I will find the perfect combination!

EDIT: See my update on MUFE Mat Velvet+


  1. You know what, after reading this I realize how low maintenance my Fair, non-oily, sometimes mildly dry, non-acne prone skin is. My only problem are my freckles. I have tried to fade them with masks and nothing has worked so far.


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