Love the Options, Hate the Cleaning

I have quite a few brush options these days, which I love.  I bought a Sigma kit and a few extra items that didn't come in the kit (the hard container that snaps together) that I wanted.  I also have a variety of spare eye brushes, powder and blush brushes I bought before the kit, etc.  It's great having so many things to choose from, but the cleaning... What a pain!

I use the MAC brush cleaner for the every few days cleaning, sprinkle some on a tissue and swirl around, dries quickly and removes a good amount of the gunk from the brush.  Liquid and cream product brushes I wash in the sink once a week, but it's the dreaded haul of brushes to the sink that I loathe.  I didn't wash everything today, but I did do the brushes I've been using daily of late.  I was miserably bored and my back was aching so I had to take a break about 2/3 of the way through.  Working at the sink is a terrible angle for my body.  I need to find a better way!

Full deep cleansing I've been using a mild soap and olive oil (to keep the brushes softened and help loosen the makeup).  Wetting the brush, dab into the cleanser, swirl around with some more water and lather it up on the palm of my hand or in a small bowl.  Then the dance of rinsing and swirling until the soap and makeup is gone, squeezing (gently) dry with the towel and on to the next brush.

I dry them laying flat overnight (I have heard recommendations to put guards over each brush so they can be dried bristles down, but this seems far too complicated).
Here's the result of my arduous work today:

And here's what I didn't wash, along with a quick view of my desk/makeup area; eye brushes:

And face brushes:

And you get to see what I picked out for tomorrow!  I like to not make decisions or think in the morning, so usually after I put on the retinol/moisturizer in the evening I'll pick out the eyes for tomorrow.  My friend wants to coordinate some green eyes tomorrow so I grabbed the Too Faced Lucky Charms duo, MAC Sumptuous Olive, Coastal Scents Matte palette and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Whiskey.  Someone on youtube had recommended tightlining with a square/straight liner brush and getting product off a pencil with it; I have found while the application isn't as intense it doesn't get massive globs of pencil tangled up in eyelashes.  Especially with the UD 24/7 liners, that globbiness (?!) was very messy to remove.  Now I'm really offtrack here.

Moral of the story: hurray for choices, boo for the work of cleaning all those lovely options.