Update on Skin Issues

My frustration level seems to have reached a breaking point, and increased awareness campaigns about skin cancer has pushed me to into trying the dermatologist route.  I have had 2-4 moderate pimples on my chin in a constant rotation lately.  The kind that takes a couple weeks to fully heal, often is crusty and has to be drained, painful enough to bother me at work.  It's about enough to drive me nuts, and the dry patches means I can't cover it properly with makeup.

I also want to make sure the constant dryness in my lips is nothing to be concerned about and maybe I could get some tips on dealing with that as well!  I am not expecting miracles, but it's time to try to get help from an expert.  I have been dealing with the same level of acne for around 17-18 years, and even after completely revamping my skincare routine I'm still stuck with the same issues.  Time to call in the professionals!

I hope to have some good information to report after my appointment in a couple weeks.


  1. I notice you use a fair amount of MAC face products, when I used to use them I had the worst skin ever. I have super sensitive skin. I stopped using MAC on my face and it made the biggest difference ever! Your makeup could be affecting your skin.

  2. I have heard other people mention this as well, however I did not use any face makeup for many years and my skin has been in the same condition with or without it. Right now the only MAC face makeup I use semi-regularly is the Mineralized Skin Finish Natural to set my foundation. I have noticed many other products that cause me to break out, but that isn't one of them thankfully.


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