Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips as Eyeshadow EOTD

I sat down at my makeup area this evening thinking I'd quickly apply my PF Shimmer Strips in Vegas Strip as eyeshadow, I haven't used it this way yet and had been meaning to give it a try.  There's a coppery penny type shade as the darkest shimmer and a light yellow gold as the lightest.  I put the light gold over the lid and the copper penny in my crease.  It all started so innocently.

I was reorganizing my highlighter and bronzer drawer and saw the MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, so I smeared some on my cheekbones and browbone for highlight.

I was thinking about eyeliner to add some depth, recalled pixiwoo using shadow as a liner recently so I took the Revlon dual ended smudger/angled brush with the crazy brown-red in my Coastal Scents matte palette and lined my upper lashline.  Put it on lower lashline, but the redness was too scary so I recalled the matte black in this palette was quite pigmented so I threw that on top.  Extended out with a sort-of wing, completely lined eyes, then started really layering on the black - put on some in the waterline heavily to get the fully blacked out crazy eyes along with putting a nice thick layer of L'Oreal Voluminous (original) over my already-mascara'd lashes.

Lastly I took that light nude brown shade and sort of smudged around all the crazy black to make it look slightly less sloppy, and more intentionally messy.  Not sure how well that worked. :)  So here's the result.  I was going to crop out most of my face but I had to keep the rosy cheeks.  I must be overheating.

Makeup sure has been keeping me entertained lately.