Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Chartreuse Chase

My Sinful Colors in Gorgeous was chipping a bit (4-5 days, not bad!) so I was eager to try out my new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Chartreuse Chase that I picked up at Target recently.  I like the brushes in this Insta-Dri line, flat and wide; the darker shades I've tried in the past were quick to apply and opaque in one coat.  I don't expect any very light opaque shade to go on easily, and especially not in one coat.  This was streaky and a little thin on the first coat, and I likely globbed it on in the second coat for it to be opaque.  I am pretty useless at nail polish application, despite my continued attempts. :)
Love the shade and shimmer, got a pretty good picture of the shimmer here.
I didn't use a base coat this time, I am wondering if it's contributing to the nail peeling I've been having.  Two layers of the Chartreuse, covered in the ever-reliable Seche Vite top coat.  Then on a whim I grabbed my new NYC glitter polish, Starry Silver and layered that so I could get 4-5 big chunky sparkles on both ring finger nails.  It took some work to get much happening and mushing around to get the chunky sparkles distributed.
Excuse the red hands (hot shower prior to pictures) and messy edges.  Holding up darker more true lime greens to my skin made it look a little sickly, but I think this brighter yellow green works better for me.  I did also buy lime green with shimmer from NYC (figured I'd give it a try at 89 cents), curious to see how it looks.  I have China Glaze's Refresh-Mint and I can't stand how it looks on me.  Get a weird sickly hospital green vibe from it.  I definitely like this more from the get-go!  If nothing else, I like the shimmer which can take the edge off a funky creamy pastel.