Coastal Scents Brushes - Synthetic Crease, Detail, Buffer

I bought this synthetic crease brush from Coastal Scents a while back, I also purchased a flat top buffer brush and matte eyeshadow and blush palette.  I keep going back to the crease brush for blending!  I love that it's soft, but quite firm and I feel like the synthetic bristles really "grab" on and blend out products.  I do use my fluffier non-synthetic brushes for a lot of blending, but when I need to get a very precise blend along an edge without spreading product everywhere, or I want to blend a cream product - I grab this one every time.  Loving it!
I did mention it in my large collective haul post.  While I was grabbing a picture with just the brushes, I realized you know I really like all three of these brushes!  The tiny detail brush is great for getting in to my inner corner tear duct area (and it fits inside my tiny opening of the NYX mineral shadow bottle).  The buffer brush is excellent for buffing out foundation or blotchy blush/bronzer, very dense and grabs on to product to blend out well.

And being that they are Coastal Scents, the price was right for sure.  Detail brush was $1.99, Crease brush was $2.79 and the Buffer brush was $13.95 - but that's definitely on the upper range of their brushes.