Foundations Swatched - On My Face! Matching Very Pale and Freckled is Tricky Business

For some reason last night I had an urge to swatch my Revlon PhotoReady on my face in comparison to my Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+.  I recalled the PhotoReady being a pretty darned good match for my skin, but I hadn't worn it since the winter - due to the shimmery aspect and being in the sun riding the bus.  Didn't want to scare the locals.

Put it on and I was surprised at how well it did match me.  It may be a better overall match than the MUFE!  It is a little more yellow toned and a hair deeper I believe, where the MUFE matches more near my jawline where my skin is lighter, it's a bit on the light side on darker parts of my face (cheeks and so on).  I decided to do a little swatch test and take pictures with the foundations I still have.  I have chucked and given away a couple that were either very old, didn't match me or made me break out; so this is all I have left. 
I have tried L'Oreal True Match in W1 (couldn't make it work; consistency, color), Almay Smart Shade in Light (way too dark), some tinted moisturizers that were too dark and broke me out (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, Aveeno Positively Radiant Fair to Light, Origins VitaZing) and Origins Nude and Improved in Almost Angel (broke me out).  I finally have realized that the vast majority of tinted moisturizers are too dark for me and lots of things break me out.

We have MUFE Mat Velvet+ in um.. *scrambles to check on the website*, #15!  Sephora's site says: No. 15 - Alabaster (for porcelain skin with pink undertones).  Can't find the number on the package except a printed reference number that has 37015 above the lot number.  I had previously bought #20 but found it was too dark for me.  Working with 15 has been loads easier and it mostly disappears into my skin.

Next up is the Revlon PhotoReady in 002 Vanilla.  I think it works well, but the only drawback is the shimmer.  I don't find it that overwhelming in the sun, but I've heard so many be mortified by it, I'm still wary to wear it in full sunlight.  I have to just try it out, maybe this weekend.  Here's the infamous shimmer.

Lastly is the laughable shade (on me) from Boots No 7 Lifting and Firming in #10 New Ivory.  I did swatch it in the store at Target, but the lighting must be way off or I was delirious.  This color is way too dark and intensely yellow.  I got a little on my face and didn't even bother doing the rest.  I somehow lost the receipt so I couldn't take it back, what a shame.  I'd heard a lot of good things about it and was eager to try it out.  This was the lightest shade they had at the store.

This is after letting them oxidize, I had swatched the Milani HD Advanced Concealer at the same time because I wanted to compare how dark it was vs the foundations, it oxidized heavily.  It'll be featured in my June Favorites and Flops (guess which one it is!).

Here's the foundations without a flash, the Revlon and MUFE look good, Boots No 7 as expected is a scary yellow stripe.
And with a flash.
I think it can be a little tricky to match me, my neck/chest/hands/arms are all lighter than my face.  And my face has a distinct shade range with my cheeks and nose being the darkest and it getting more and more fair towards the outside of my face.  As the edges are the lightest, and they transition to even lighter areas, I'd rather err on the lighter end of the spectrum than darker.  I applied all of the swatches with the Sigma F60 foundation brush (I like it but I'm too lazy to use a brush on a daily basis, I normally apply foundation with my fingers).