Goofing Around with Pinks, NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Baby Pink, MAC Cranberry and More!

I'm not sure why, but the other night I was in the mood to try this NYX Ultra Pearl mineral shadow (just confirmed on NYX website, I thought this was considered a pigment!) in Baby Pink all over my lid to see how it looked.  This led to swatching all of the pinky shaded eyeshadows I have, then I decided to put MAC Cranberry all up in my crease, as a blush and hey let's throw the Baby Pink on as a highlight!  One thing I did find when taking pictures of the swatches that I hadn't realized previously was the finely milled glitter in the NYX pearl shadow, it reflects blue in the pictures.  It's quite pretty!
Here's the slightly crazy pink/red face.
I also tried (emphasis on tried) to use this Urban Decay cream liner called Ink for Eyes in Pyrotechnics - I had gotten it on sale from not realizing it was a sheer glitter cream liner.  I can see why it was on sale.  You need to really make an effort to pick up any glitter.  It is pretty though, multicolored iridescent type situation.  That I tried to put on up near my eyebrow, but it didn't photograph at all.
That's all I used for this "look".

And here's the swatches I did, it ventured out of pink and into pink/champagne/plum type ranges.

So that's my hodgepodge of pink.