June 2011 Flops - I'm Melting...

A makeup flop is usually a personal thing, it's not necessarily that the product is bad.  Often times, it's just that it didn't work for your skin type or tone, etc.  I have a little mix of both this month.

I wanted the NYX eyebrow marker to work, but the shade is very warm and the felt tip is a little bigger than I'd want, and it tends to dry out before I'm done applying one eyebrow so I have to shake it around to get anymore juice.  Just doesn't do it for me.

I was excited to try the Milani HD Advanced Concealer as it had been compared to the likes of the YSL Touche Eclat, but obviously at a much lower price point.  My biggest disappointment was the oiliness of the product and how dark it is.  When first swatched, it seems somewhat light - similar to a foundation color for me or a touch darker.  However it oxidizes downright orange on my skin.  Just couldn't make it work, darn!
Here's the fresh swatch on the right, eyebrow marker and lipstick to the left.

And when I was doing my foundation swatch post I had also swatched the Milani to compare shades, I let them oxidize and saw how much darker the Milani had gone.
Lastly, my less-than-a-week-old NP Set lipstick in San Francisco.  It's a sheer beige nude, the formula is very moist and glossy.  I really like this lipstick!  However!  With it being quite soft, and it seemed to have some sort of defect brand new - it was leaning a bit to the side.  It was somewhat cracked at the base of the lipstick.  I tried to fix it, stuck it in the fridge overnight to help set it.  But once it was at room temperature it softened up a ton and it was back to sliding apart.  I put it in a pot because I do like it, it'll just be a little messy to apply.  You can see how melted it behaved when put in the pot and it hasn't firmed up any more than that.  Definitely not a good formulation for the summer in lipstick form!

Bought the little plastic pots (5g I believe?) from Coastal Scents, they sure come in handy.  I like to use them for moisturizer samples especially, those packets do contain a lot of product (especially eye creams since you use so little per application) and having lots of little pots makes sampling to the last drop a breeze.