MAC Surf, Baby Crushed Metallic Pigment - Surf the Ocean - Seafoam!

I love this seafoam crushed metallic pigment from the MAC Surf, Baby collection but couldn't get a decent picture of it for anything.  Today I wore Wet N Wild Vanity palette, a very warm dark brown in my crease today, the nude shade on my lid and applied the seafoam pigment on the center of my lid.  It was so lovely in person!  I got a couple pictures in natural light that do it a little justice, but it's still greatly lacking to how it looks in the right lighting (which can be that wet sheen of light aqua).  I think it paired well near that warm brown, something akin to the Blue Brown pigment deconstructed.

Where the light is hitting it, there's a nice light metallic sheen - it seems absent on the eye not in the direct light.

And with a flash, all that you get are some sparkles reflecting.
(Aw look at those droopy sad eyes, bummed I can't get a good picture of that which I adore!)

One day I will figure out the perfect lighting and capture it true-to-life. :)