MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Creams and Revlon Creme Shadows

Was staring at my Revlon Creme Shadow in Precious Metals, I had used the beautiful bright light gold up on my browbone today (sounds crazytown but I have a small space to work with for eyes so it wasn't a huge flashing stripe.. really...).  Was thinking about using the plummy toned burgundy.. brown, I don't know what color it is.  And I was reminded of my MUFE Aqua Cream in #17 which is in a similar color tone, I swatched the Revlon palette and thought hmm, actually this steel shade looks familiar.. and there's a copper toned color too.  Pulled out the three eye Aqua Creams I have, and had to laugh at how similar the shades I have are to the palette.

I laugh because I'm clearly drawn to similar colors, the Revlon palette is by no means a dupe for Aqua Creams.  The reason I used the gold shade on my browbone today is that these things crease very easily, even with a primer - so I wanted somewhere crease-free. :)  The MUFE steel is #2, copper is #12, plummy burgundy is #17.

Top colors are the MUFE, bottom are Revlon.  MUFE is more pigmented, sets completely waterproof, is a true metallic finish.  The Revlon creams do not set, they can be convinced to not crease on me (for maybe 8 hours) if used with a primer and set with a shadow over top and are actually very small shimmery particles suspended in the creamy base.  It's actually a very pretty finish as it can spread these tiny sparkles out when sheer (for the steely silver and gold at least, the plum shade seems to have more color in the cream base).  My guess is that if using that ultra sheer layer for the wash of wet sparkles, the creasing would be less of an issue - I haven't tried (yet).

Anyway, funny how we are attracted to the same colors time and again. :)