Nina Ultra Pro Candi Apple NOTD

Edited to add: this polish stayed true with only tip wear for a total of 10 days, could have gone longer if I hadn't been doing heavy lifting moving over that weekend.  Awesome!
I wanted to put on some sort of festive nail polish for Thanksgiving tomorrow, nothing too out there and vaguely appropriate (almost grabbed a marine blue but thought better of it :).  I have worn this Candi Apple shade from Nina Ultra Pro a couple times, I picked it up at Sally Beauty Supply a while back.  It looks gorgeous in the bottle but I've learned after being bitten by this several times that those faint golden or silver shimmers just don't translate to the nails.

I always have a hard time getting a picture of these types of polishes, flash or bright lighting tends to bounce back in weird ways from the shimmer and just give white splotches on the nails.

Here's the beautiful (but invisible on nails) gold shimmer:

I like the formula and brush, easy enough to work with for shaky fumblefingers like myself.  It's a slightly deeper warm red which works well on my skintone, I find a tomato or bright orangey red to look a little garish at times on me against the stark white of my skin.