Nail Polish Lasting Power

I've declared many times I'm pretty terrible at doing my own nails, but I soldier on because it's like an extra accessory and painted nails make me happy.  And I suppose I'm too cheap and lazy to have someone else do it!  So, combine my struggles at painting with laziness and I really hate when my polish chips after a couple days.  I can't stand having chips so I always will change out the polish that day.

I have some peeling (okay a lot of peeling) issues, I thought I'd change up my base coat, I thought it might be contributing to the peeling.  I had been using Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat for quite some time, but when I was traveling for longer than expected I picked up a Seche Natural which said was strengthening and could be used as a base coat.  I really enjoyed that I could wear it alone and it would hide the peeling evidence for the most part.  But I finally realized (after 4 or 5 ruined manicures in a couple days) that it was horrendous as a base coat for me.

I went back to Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and I've had two nail colors that have lasted over a week with only minor tip wear.  I'm sticking with the Revlon.