Adventures in Depotting, Attempt #2

Quite some time ago, I tried depotting some items.  I went for shadows I didn't like much for the experiment and as you'll see from this blog about it - it was a failure for the most part.

WARNING: Depot with caution, if using heat make sure to be in a well-ventilated room and have a fire extinguisher at hand.  There are other methods that do not require flame that I did not use.  Also do not hold products over the flame directly with your hands, the plastic is hot enough to melt.  DO NOT use flame near the alcohol, it is VERY flammable!  Beware of breaking products as they can cut skin and damage eyes if any stray pieces go flying about.
Please be safe my lovely readers!!

I've been waffling over buying an empty palette since then - because I knew it would mean I'd need to depot some items I actually cared about.  And I was afraid.  But, I bit the bullet finally and bought a Z-Palette since it seemed like the best value for money and I liked the window.  I don't mind that it's made of cardboard.

I was successful this time, though I did damage two of my favorite blushes a bit (of course).  Urban Decay discontinued blush in Score and Milani Minerals in Luminous.

About half of them came out just using alcohol and prying out.  The other half I had to melt out (which I greatly dislike doing).  The damage to Score and Luminous were my refusal to believe they required heat and trying to pry with alcohol even though it was obviously not working.

I used the pillow case there to help me snap the plastic of the Wet 'N Wild package and the e.l.f. Studio blush.  Anything that required breaking the plastic basically, I broke them with the aid of the pillowcase to protect from cuts and keep any projectile plastic pieces from flying.  The Milani Minerals were tough nuts.  I had to get the mirror out first (but alcohol took care of that glue) then melt the plastic tray it exposed.  Note these are NOT the Baked blushes.  I also had a lot of trouble getting enough heat to melt the Urban Decay packaging.  The easiest by far was pixi, thank you pixi for putting in a pinhole for me to use!!  So awesome, just popped right out.  Next easiest was Physicians Formula, their powders usually are noticeably loose (not to the point of falling out, just wiggling) and I was able to just pry those out without any products.

Ahh, the fruits of my labor.

Updated with some better pictures and after reorganizing the blushes to be more.. appealingly organized? :)

Now I'm thinking maybe I should buy a few more empty palettes... :)


  1. Wow what an experience you went through learning how to get them out. It sounds like I would have cut off my finger and burned my eyelashes off if I had attempted this! Although I do need to get better organized at some point. You have inspired me to at least think about doing this! I will say I love the way they all look together in the palette. Very neatly organized and oh-so-pretty! :)

    1. I was more than a little nervous using a flame, believe me :) I was most concerned about excessive plastic fumes or smoking, but neither were a problem. Though I dislike it, I'd probably go with heat first since alcohol and prying can take a lot of time and more likely to damage something (or cut yourself on a plastic shard). I'm quite happy now that it's done though and kind of wish all my single blushes/shadows/highlighters were in palettes! Good luck if you give it a shot, but I would definitely recommend trying it out first on something you don't like ;)


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