Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Charm

So I decided this product needed a post the day I got it.  It was a little shocking when I looked in the mirror after it had been on a couple hours!

The packaging and product look like a light peach, I was concerned it would be too light and would glob up in my dry skin patches on lips (which are inevitable).  But, I should not have been concerned, it actually went pretty bright coral pink on me.  Who knew.  I guess it had to stain somehow, and you can't stain lighter I imagine!!

There's the product, and my lips after it had been on half of the day (2-3 reapplications) and all that was left was the stain.  Huh!  After reapplying over the stain, it appears a bit lighter but the pink still is the main attraction.

When applied initially, it only appears like what I swatched on my hand.  It takes some time and develops the pink hue.  I left a swatch on my hand for about 30 minutes, you can barely see a trace of the pink stain it left.

So!  I'm not sure if it's so dramatic because my lips took the stain well and my skin is pale enough to contrast strongly or what.  I looked up some other swatches online and didn't see the same dramatic difference from tube to stain.  I like the color at the end of the day, but it's a bit surprising to say the least. :)


  1. Found you on a comment from my fellow blogger friend Angie's, or Your BFF: Beauty Fashion Fitness, blog. :) I think I'm going to pick up this shade too once I find more in other stores, because there are ugly leftover shades at my store. Charm looks really pretty on you, and you have gorgeous eyes by the way! :)

    1. Thank you Isabel! I kind of want to pick up the Honey shade too, that's what I went into Target looking for originally but they were out of it (of course) and you know, can't walk away empty handed knowing this would be a shade I'd likely enjoy... :)


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