Show and Tell FOTD with theBalm Meet Matt(e), shu uemura hard formula for brows, and more! with Video

Back again with a new video!  Really on a filming kick, I especially like being able to share with you guys by just recording doing my makeup one day on the weekend. :)  Something more fun somehow than suffering over getting a good picture of everything.  Below I go into a bit more detail and depth on the items in the video.

(video link here)

So this time around, I wanted to share some of my new stuff or things I haven't really talked about on my blog.  And now that I've revisited these items a few times since the video, I have a few more thoughts or things I didn't have time to blather on about.

  • Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen: A light colored eye base that evens out my lids to a shade closer to the rest of my skin, mutes my freckles a bit to provide a clearer canvas for eye makeup.  Only downside to this I've found - I can't wear it alone with shadows, especially in the heat of summer it will crease without primer underneath.
  • theBalm Meet Matt(e) shadow palette: I mentioned this in the video, while these shadows swatch nicely and feel smooth and pigmented, they are on the slightly powdery side.  If you dip in with the tip of a brush, you can fluff up a good amount of powder which can get messy.  Other than that, I like the palette.
  • Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener: This is a twist up brush applicator that says can be used as primer and anywhere else to brighten, I used it as primer and under eyes originally when buying and found it to cause some stinging.  I didn't use it for some time due to this, but have found it's fine under my eyes now.  It has that pink/peach tone that can brighten some dark circles, but doesn't have much coverage per se.  Enough for me.  I recall using it as a primer being acceptable, not as good as my LORAC or Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but good enough for an 8 hour day.
  • shu uemura hard formula in seal brown 02: I'd been wanting to try this for a long time after seeing it in Heidi's videos (her youtube channel: jalapena2007) - I mentioned it in a wishlist during spending freeze post last year.  Supposedly this works with the oils in your brow hairs and lasts a long, long time (some say months+ without sharpening).  Now, I need to use a good amount of product because I need color otherwise my blonde brows get lost in my pale skin, so I don't think I'll get that kind of longevity no matter how fabulous the product is.  Nonetheless, I like the color of the pencil and since it's very dry it's easier to control (creamy can go nuts quickly, harder to screw up with something needs lots of layers and work).
  • Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara: Another Heidi recommendation!  She had raved a lot about this mascara several times, I got a sample of it a while back but wasn't over the moon for it.  Now that it has dried out some, it's definitely more workable.  I like how it builds up very thin dry layers that isn't clumpy or spiky from something too wet.  Still not compelled to buy it, but I rarely feel the need to buy a higher end mascara.
  • Japonesque Pro Blush Brush: For a while I was obsessed with finding the "perfect" eye blending/crease brush, something that wasn't too big or too long/floppy, too stiff, etc.  Well, now lately I've been seeking the perfect blush brush.  I was willing to spend a little more because all of the rave reviews I'd read about the Japonesque brush said it was super soft.  I wanted something fluffier (to avoid clowning my cheeks, which is easy to do when you're translucent) and not too gigantic, soft to blend comfortably.  It really is super soft, a good size, blends comfortably and doesn't apply too much product.
  • Sigma Performance Eyes Kit: I didn't go into it much in the video, I used the tiny blending brush E36 in the video but found it too small, long and floppy to be very effective.  Totally forgot at the time of doing the voiceover, but my E36 blending brush shed like no tomorrow! I thought it was going to honestly loose all the hairs after washing it once.  By far the most shedding of any Sigma brush I've bought.  I wasn't really too excited about any of the brushes in the kit; the E21 smudge brush and the tiny eyeliner E11 brush are the only ones that were unique in my collection and I personally would recommend - most of the shader/blending brushes are sort of scratchy.  Some just feel redundant in a kit, I'd prefer the option to buy them separately too.
So that about wraps it up!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check out the video too!  Let me know what new things you've been trying out lately in the comments. :)