Mascara Swatching Series: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume

One of my recent favorite finds in the beauty blogging world is Angie, also known as Your BFF!  Her blog is here: Your Beauty Fashion Fitness and she had a post recently with before and after of a mascara.  I had been thinking about swatching my mascaras for a while, but hadn't decided how I wanted to present it.  I thought I could do the same thing, with a little tweak of not putting any eye makeup or liner so I couldn't "cheat" the effect of the mascara. :)

First in my series! The ever-popular CoverGirl LashBlast Volume.  I've used this mascara off and on since it was launched, I always liked it but never full-on love.  The short bristles can poke me in the waterline in an unpleasant way, and I find it a little trickier working with those short plasticky bristles.

So, here's my mostly invisible (blonde) bare lashes.  They are fairly long, curly enough that I don't bother with curlers and moderately dense.  I feel I am pretty lucky in the lash arena - not crazy lush like Makeup by TiffanyD but pretty good. :)

Straight on they're kind of hard to pick out, but at the side you can see hey she does have lashes!

I have to work with the mascara quite a lot to get the thickness at the base that I prefer and sometimes it can get a little spiky with the thickness being the same from root to tip.  Personally I prefer something that easily thickens at the base but will leave a thinner coat at the tips.

And as with most of the mascaras I took photos of, I did get some smudges on my upper and lower lids that I had to clean up afterwards.  If I have a darker shadow or liner on though, I will admit I just leave the smudges. ;)

Let me know how LashBlast Volume works for you!  Love it or hate it?  I'd rate it just an OK for me. :)


  1. Oh GREAT review Nicole! Thank you so much for the shout-out *blushes* :) This was one of the first mascaras I bought after watching tons of YT videos recommending it so long ago, which made me stray from my green & pink Maybelline tube I had solely use for years and years (yikes! I sound ancient! LOL) I will admit it took me forever and a week to not poke my out with that big sucker of a brush, but once I got the handle of it I did love it. I have not yet gone back to it, can't quite put my finger on it exactly, other than to say I then went with the purple tube (Lash Blash Fusion I think?) and from then on went on my way trying many more mascaras on a quest to find "THE ONE". I may pick this one up again after your review. I think I will see if they have a waterproof version though because my lashes fall easily so maybe if I could get them to stay up I would have about 1/4 of what Makeup by Tiffany D has (haha)
    OH and I must say you have been blessed by the lash gods with wonderful lashes! Lucky lucky girl!
    Hope your weekend was great & thanks again for the holla! <3

    1. I can't remember being loyal to a mascara since Max Factor 2000 Calorie in gosh who knows, late 90s? :) I'm so fickle when it comes to mascara! I do believe they have waterproof and also the 24HR formula - not sure if it's a regular waterproof or a tubing formula.
      And thank you for the compliment, I never realized how nice my lashes were (felt kind of cheated since they were blonde and required mascara to be seen) until I saw a wider array of lashes in the beauty community. Being invisible is a lot easier to deal with than length or sparseness by a mile! I do have a green and pink Maybelline coming up in the series, but it's not the traditional brush. I think I bought the original Great Lash once but didn't "get it" and kept on sampling others. :) What I can find confusing (and causing my distinct lack of loyalty) about mascara is that they're always performing differently throughout the life of the tube. It may be perfect straight away but dry up and start clumping or flaking, some are too wet and don't get "good" until they dry up some. Even if I liked something for 4 weeks, by the end of the tube I might have a bad taste in my mouth from what it turned into. So then off I go searching for another one that will be the Best Ever for 3 Months! One day maybe we'll find our lash True Loves. :)


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