Small Winged/Flick Liner with Slightly Hooded Eyes

My eyes aren't full-on hooded, but are in the category likely deemed "mature".  My right eyelid droops a bit more than the left so that the crease extends past the corner of my eye.  I've always struggled with winged liner due to that eye shape.  Also they are on the rounded end of the spectrum, drooping down a touch and I don't feel they take to the elongated shape achieved with a small flick/wing.

Since I recently took pictures of my new L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner in Espresso with a small wing, I thought I'd do a little post about it.  I have tried and failed to do wings many times in the past.  What might seem perfect with eyes closed can get all curly and droopy once eyes are open.

What I've been trying lately is only slightly extended past my outer corner and not winging upwards too far.  Also starting the wing before the outer corner fully begins, which helps lift up the droopy corners a tad.  I think ultimately if you have hooded/mature eyes, wings are never going to look the same as someone who doesn't.  But with this small wing, it gives a boost to your lashes and can enhance that bedroom eyes look.

You can see here on the left eye, my crease doesn't extend as far so the wing can actually go up higher without getting caught up in the crease, but I need to match up to the other side so it's small and a little lower.

Do you have any winged linger tips or woes?  Working with your particular eye shape, texture of skin, etc; I'd love to hear about it!