July into August 2012 Favorites, With Video

I also chatted about these products in a video, with some bloopers and silliness tacked on at the end!

(video link here)

Quite an assortment of items for favorites lately! First off I'll mention the hog in the picture, my Barnes & Noble nook Tablet. I am an avid reader, but do prefer hardcopy paper books (I've read about 1200 pages on an e-ink nook Simple but rather paper). So why do you have a shiny tablet, you ask? I wanted to watch youtube videos, of course. :)  I have a laptop for my daily computing, but it's always a hassle to drag around when I just want to watch some videos. So when I'm winding down for the day, after my shower and relaxing before bed I can pop open my tablet and watch a few videos!

For a skincare item, I have my dermatologist prescribed sodium sulfacetamide/sulfur lotion. I've been using this since June 2011, posted after visiting my dermatologist - I've felt it worked well as a spot treatment but I only realized the past few months what it does amazingly well. I tend to get painful nodule cystic type acne occasionally, typically hanging around for 2-3 weeks and being uncomfortable and unsightly (as a sidenote, for the small whitehead/typical spots I use salicylic acid as a spot treatment which works much better for those types). I have noticed that when I feel the first sign of one of those very hard painful lumps starting to develop, if I attack it with this goop thoroughly morning and night - it won't fully develop and will recede after about 5 days. Truly wonderful!

Last non-makeup product would be MAC Turquatic fragrance. I admit I'm rather addicted to perfumes, I have about seven full sized bottles and probably 15 samples. But at the end of the day, Turquatic is what I adore most. The first time I smelled it, it was like my eyes had been opened and I found what I'd been looking for! I bought the smaller 20ml size and I'm nearly through it, it doesn't last too long on the skin so you can be a little more generous in spritzing. Definitely want to pick up the 50ml bottle before it disappears, it's available (from what I've seen) at Macy's and maccosmetics.com - hopefully everywhere MAC is sold! :)

I've mentioned it enough before, I have very dry under-eye skin, the Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle roller gives me some coverage and brightening without looking horrible while I try to sort out the dryness.

Also have mentioned the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel quite a bit, it's very hard and a little crunchy but does it ever keep my brows from moving! And I've liked it so much, I finished the tube! Amazing. :)

I've posted quite a lot about the L'Oreal Infallible shadows (click here!) and they definitely deserve to be in my favorites again. All but one of the shades (Endless Pearl is a bit of a dud) have great lasting power and intensity all day and apply so smoothly.

It's a pressed pigment format, so you do need to be a little careful when putting the stoppers back in to not gouge out some product with the edge.

Amber Rush, Pink Sapphire, Bottomless Java, Golden Emerald.  The look I'm wearing in the video has Amber Rush at the lower lashline, Pink Sapphire in the inner corner/lid, Golden Emerald on the lid (sparkles beautifully and has a true deep green base), Bottomless Java through the crease.

I gushed about how wonderfully these Laura Mercier Lip Glaces worked for me, they can prevent my lips from peeling during the day while at work which is unheard of for me, so it's no surprise these showed up in my favorites as well. :)  I have Sweetheart which came in the Nordstrom kit as well as Sparkling which is a little less moisturizing (guessing because of the denser shimmer) and Bare Naked which is more of a colored nude gloss with only a little shimmer but moisturizes like Sweetheart.

A favorite lipstick of mine for a while at work has been the Revlon SuperLustrous Rose & Shine (pearl), it's somewhat sheer with very fine shimmer rose to give a nice sheen on the lips. I used to wear it alone but now I top it off with the miracle glosses. :)

Left to right: Revlon Rose & Shine, Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Sweetheart, Sparkling and Bare Naked.

Let me know what your favorites are, or if you've used any of mine and what you think of them. Thanks for stopping by!