September 2012 Favorites, with Video

I apologize for being so late on this, I made a video and failed to take any pictures.. and a rascal named Andy (the cat) has been keeping me very busy lately! He's our new cat, we're slowly introducing him to our other cat, Oliver, but he's not too hip on the interloper. :)

I have a video posted where I blab on about these products, link here. It was the first new video I put up with my new camcorder before I had tinkered with any settings or really got it set up in a good way. So, it's not my best work but improvements have been made ;)

I have somewhat come to accept that my skin is so oily that powder foundation really works better for me. I will need to blot right after getting to work with liquid (1.5 hours after applying but being outside for ~20 minutes). With powder, I won't be shiny as soon as I reach the office and can hold off until about 2.5-3.5 hours after applying. I got this LORAC Wet/Dry Oil Free powder in WD1 and it is a good color, has a natural finish without looking powdery and light-medium coverage.

Also a recent acquisition is this NYX Mosaic blush in Rosey. It's a soft and warm light rose pink with a satin finish. It is a little powdery which makes it difficult to swirl around, but I tap my brush a few times around the blush and shake off the excess. Loving the color of it!

And my favorite blush brush used in combination with Rosey is the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman blush brush. It's big but tapered and fluffy so that you can really control the spot you place the color and blend it out very easily. It's also great for using to apply a setting powder since it's so fluffy and wonderfully soft!

For highlight, I found myself using this Wet 'N Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana quite a lot. It's a natural satin sheen with a warm beige color, can warm up and add some shine to a blush! It is also a bit powdery but can be managed easily but slightly tapping in your brush instead of jabbing it in the pan. :)

For a brow combination, this past month I found myself gravitating towards a full and nearer to opaque brow, and the easiest way to apply that was using my Sigma E65 brow brush and my old standby brow color Urban Decay matte shadow in Shakedown (discontinued).

Last but not least, obviously my favorite mascara is the Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara. I have mentioned this a whole bunch since I first got it, here's the Mascara Swatching Series post to see bare lashes and the mascara only. I find it easy to build up the volume I prefer without getting the chunky clumps I dislike. It doesn't flake on me during the day (only a few spots here and there which I don't mind) which is another major annoyance. Still loving it, but sometimes the wand is getting majorly gooped up of late making it a bit difficult. It does also tend to get some little mascara oozing out by the seal of the cap and tube, so watch out for smudged fingers!

Starting from the left is a swatch of the LORAC Wet/Dry powder, NYX Rosey, Wet 'N Wild Reserve Your Cabana and Urban Decay Shakedown.

What products have you been loving lately? Tried any of mine? Let me know what you think! Thanks for stopping by, as always. :)