My Everyday Lips with Very Pale Skin, Cool Pinks

And just what is my definition of Very Pale Skin? I am around NC10, MAC Matchmaster 1.0 is a very good match, for spot concealing on my face Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair (except that it made me break out like nobody's business) and MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover concealer in #1 are near perfect. 

One thing I found tough when shopping for lipsticks was how different it may be on my skintone compared to others. What might be nude or light on my favorite blogger, it's medium toned and slightly dark or too bright and bold. There's certainly room for deeper, brighter, bolder lips - but I usually focus on eyes and the lips are just a complement. So here's what I found works for my skintone and coloring as an "everyday" light to mid-tone lipsticks!

Here's my bare lips for reference. I have quite a few lip freckles, so it's easy to determine what level of coverage a lip color has.

This time, let's do cool pinks. I wear less cool colors but have been enjoying them more lately for a change of pace.

Maybelline Born With It, Revlon Gumdrop,
Revlon Primrose, Rimmel Airy Fairy

Maybelline Color Sensational Born With It seems mostly neutral, but on the lips for me it leans cool. It has some amount of small silver shimmer that can travel around a little so I'm careful when wiping off my face to wipe inwards. It's a little sheer but builds up to decent coverage. Oh, now that I zoomed in I realized that it's not just silver shimmer, it's multicolored. But unless someone is on your face with a magnifying glass, I don't think it's noticeable. :) Possibly less cool/frosty, but the shimmer is teeny tiny.

Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop is a fairly sheer lavender with silver shimmer. It has less color payoff than other Lip Butters I think, and depending on how pigmented your lips are it seems to come off more pink on some. For me, it pulls to the pink side of lavendar.

Last up, Revlon SuperLustrous in Primrose. This was a recent purchase, it's a cream finish and the texture is excellent. It's one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have to put on - not too thick and opaque, not to slippery, not too soft. Just right! It's a cool pink that can be layered on to be a brighter opaque light-medium pink (on me).

What are your favorite cool pink lipsticks? And what skintone are you sporting? Thanks for stopping by, I've got more of my everyday lipsticks for very pale skin to come! Warm pink nudes and my favorite lip gloss! :)


  1. The quality of these pics look awesome!

    1. Oh, thank you Isabel! I bought a couple softbox lights and stands and actually took these pictures late at night. So glad they came out well. :D


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