My Everyday Lips with Very Pale Skin, Warm Pinks and Pink Nudes

Last up in my subdued lip series of Everyday lips are warm pinks/pink nudes. I've done Brown Nudes and Cool Pinks so far, check them out if you're interested in other options for very pale skin!

And just what is my definition of Very Pale Skin? I am around NC10, MAC Matchmaster 1.0 is a very good match, for spot concealing on my face Amazing Cosmetics concealer in Fair (except that it made me break out like nobody's business) and MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover concealer in #1 are near perfect.

One thing I found tough when shopping for lipsticks was how different it may be on my skintone compared to others. What might be nude or light on my favorite blogger, it's medium toned and slightly dark or too bright and bold. There's certainly room for deeper, brighter, bolder lips - but I usually focus on eyes and the lips are just a complement. So here's what I found works for my skintone and coloring as an "everyday" light to mid-tone lipsticks!

Here's my bare lips for reference. I have quite a few lip freckles, so it's easy to determine what level of coverage a lip color has.

These warm pinks/pink nudes are probably the first colors I was really comfortable with when I got back into makeup. Previously I'd lean towards the same colors my mom would wear (despite her being a deeper olive skintone) in the mauve range. These are easy to wear with my coloring and tend to not clash too much with whatever else is on my face - always a plus!

L'Oreal Fairest Nude, Sheer Linen; MAC Can't Get Enough
I picked up L'Oreal Colour Riche Fairest Nude after seeing quite a few youtube beauty ladies mention it being the best thing since sliced bread. Now, it looks different on me than them, maybe less nude and more like my lips but better shade. A warm pink nude with a cream finish. The texture is opaque without being too heavy or thick, not terribly drying, but does have that perfumed flowery "old lady" smell - so be warned.

Another youtube recommended lip color up, Rimmel Airy Fairy.

Revlon Gumdrop, Primrose; Rimmel Airy Fairy, Revlon Rose & Shine
Rimmel London Lasting Finish in Airy Fairy is less on the nude side and more pink. The color is a bit cooler than Fairest Nude, but it does have a slight golden sheen that warms it up. Texture isn't as nice as Fairest Nude, but it's not gritty or too thick. Because of the slight sheen, it can be a little easier to wear than a cream finish for any dryness and will give you a little bit more volume.

Last up, a relatively recent find and favorite, Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose & Shine. It's more sheer than the two above and has more of a sheen. It's a warm rose shade, it does need a little building up to get this level of color but it's very thin so it doesn't feel too thick or slippery with the layers.

What are your favorite warm pinks? Have you tried any of these out? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. I loved your recent haul video! You are more gorgeous in every video! The red lip, black mascara look is BEATIFUL on you! You look amazing in warm and cool tones. How did you end up using the green metallic cream from Illamasqua ? How do you feel about blue eyes and green shadow? I feel this is a difficult one for light blue eyes. I own an infallible eyeshadow in golden emerald, which was too gorgeous to pass up, but I have issues making it look “not too made up.” Please show us a snow white look or picture with that blush. I will be looking forward too it :)

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I haven't tried out that Illamasqua green Stoic Liquid Metal yet, haha. I'm pretty much convinced it's going to be a hot mess so I don't want to wear it on a work day. ;) I think blue eyes and green shadow can look really brilliant, since I have the L'Oreal Infallible shadow in Golden Emerald (and it really is amazingly beautiful!) I decided to record a little look/tutorial using it. Hopefully I'll have it up in the next few days. :) I did use the Illamasqua Brazen red blush in the Empties! video I uploaded recently - I'll be sure to make a look that features it a bit more though later! Thanks again for stopping by! :D

  2. Thank you for the tutorial!! The warm brown underneath and in the crease really warm the look up. Another beautiful look on you!Have fun with that snow out there :)

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :) The snow was lovely, the bus being an hour late the following days - not so much, haha. :)


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