Quick Update and Post-Pregnancy Makeup and Skincare Favorites

As you may or may not know, I was pregnant and due the first week of August. Our little man wasn't quite ready though and arrived a week later. On top of that, we moved into a new house at the end of July which has needed a fair amount of work. As you might imagine, I've been a bit busy. Now with the baby here, I'm getting only the bare minimum done to make time for him. He is on an eating every 1.5 to 3.5 hours (at the most!) schedule, so we're always busy (also a long drawn out feeding process for reasons I won't get into). Anyway, short story is it might be a little while before I'm up to my regular antics.

I do have a few favorites, even though I've been mostly makeup and skincare free lately. I've cut down to washing my face and applying a spot treatment for skincare, I'm too tired and just don't care (to be honest!) about doing anything else.

I've been feeling like the Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk has been a good treatment for my skin, being that I'm doing very little to keep it happy. I leave it on most of my shower to get the more mask-like effect. After washing, I've been applying the Murad Acne Spot Treatment that has 3% sulfur as the active ingredient. It's helped existing blemishes and seems to keep them mostly at bay in my hot spots (sides and bottom of chin).

For makeup, I haven't been wearing much but when braving the outdoors I do like to have a little something on (unless I'm having a crying meltdown, which has happened I have to admit!). The bulk of my makeup is still packed away since my new storage location is in a box needing to be assembled, so I've had few options. I have had a favorite emerge from this selection though! I'll get some eyebrows and mascara on, but the favorite is MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque. It's nothing flashy, a little sheer but the color is so pretty! It's a warm peach with gold shimmer cream shadow, the texture is easy to work with and sets nicely on the lids. The color isn't hugely flattering on my skintone, I think it would look stunning on someone deeper - but I love it nonetheless! It will crease on me after 6 or so hours if used without a primer, but these days I just go without since I only am aiming to be presentable for a short period of time.

So that's about it! Thanks for sticking with me through the posting drought, and I do hope to be back in some time once I have more time.


  1. Hi and congratulations on the arrival of your baby!!!:) I just joined today as a blog follower, but I've read your blog posts and watched your videos for months now. I really like your blog and your personality. I actually have similar eye shape, so I've got some good tips from your blog and videos. Hope to hear about you soon, but of course take your time- I have 3 little boys and so I know how it is. (sorry if my English is weird - it's not my native language). Best regards from Silja

    1. Oh, thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. :) Three boys? Oh my, sounds like a handful! :D Our little guy seems to have just gotten through a growth spurt, 3 nights of nearly no sleep and constant feeding but he slept like a champ all day yesterday and most of the night tonight. I feel like a new woman having caught up on some sleep myself. :) I do want to film or get some pictures going soon, been thinking about doing something for Clinique CC Cream but finding the time and a good setup in the new house has been tricky. I do chat a bit on twitter and instagram as nicsviolet, if you're interested in the meantime! Mostly lately it's been complaining about lack of sleep but you know, haha :D


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