My Collection: Taupe Liners and Cream Shadows (part 2 of 2)

Apologize for the delay getting this liner post up, the previous post in this series covered my taupe shadows and highlighted my favorites. I also made a video covering my favorites here!

First up, my drugstore taupes! The LA Splash Hydro Liquid in Duality is a metallic warm taupe. I find it does not budge or crease if I apply a thin, even layer over the lids (over primer of course!). The CoverGirl Flamed Out pencil in Melted Caramel was bought before my makeup collection was unpacked and possibly during the newborn time during my monthly visit to Walgreens. It has a strange cooling sensation; doesn't have the best pigment or lasting power, I wouldn't recommend it.

Rimmel Taupe, CovereGirl Melted Caramel, LA Splash Duality

Lastly, a definitely favorite is the Rimmel ScandalEyes Kajal in Taupe. Also random note, Jennifer Wan on youtube (channel fashionismycrush, one of my all-time favorites) recently railed on the pronunciation of kajal and I fear I've been saying it wrong too, haha. KA-jul, not ka-JAL! Anyway! Taupe is a lovely cream liner with excellent staying power, I like to use it at my lower lash line for a softer definition than black or dark brown liner, I have a post about it here.

 For my high end taupes, I have three shadow pencils and one liner. I think I have another taupe-y liner but I missed it in the roundup, Urban Decay Underground - it's a bit warmer than most of the items featured. I have a lot of liners and they're just sitting in small boxes at the moment about 3 liners deep. 

Urban Decay Stray Dog, Tarte Gunmetal, Laura Mercier Twilight, Stila Smoke

Stila Smudge Crayon in Smoke is something I received (travel size) in an Allure Sample Society box and I've used quite a lot of it. It's a more yellowy beige color which is a little loose in the categorization of taupe, but work with me here. It's another great budgeproof formula that applies easily. Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Twilight came with a mentioned but not-pictured taupe in my last post (Topaz shadow) in a Nordstrom kit. It's an amazing color (though barely taupe, more of a very steely bluish gray with a hair of warm undertones) and glides on so smoothly. Quite a dream! Except that it creases on me. Major sadness. I have to be care to only have the sheerest amount in my crease.

Tarte smolderEYES in Gunmetal was part of a kit bought in the 2012 holiday season, it came with a bunch of other smolderEYES and a Skinny smolderEyes. The formula is a tad too soft, in my opinion, and it can get a little thick when applying so use a light hand. It's very similar to the liner next to it, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Stray Dog which was limited edition; received mine in an Urban Decay Naked travel liner set I bought off Hautelook a while back. So if you are looking something like it, I'd definitely recommend the Tarte liner! It also does not crease on me when worn alone over primer like most of these options.

I also did a roundup post of my everyday liners in black, brown and taupe which does include the Urban Decay Underground liner, check that out if you're interested!

Let me know what your favorite taupe product is or if you've tried any of these. Thanks for stopping by!