Laura Mericer Foundation Primer Thoughts/Review

I've had this foundation primer from Laura Mercier for a while, I believe it came with the kit I received from Nordstrom holiday 2012. I am not sure if I ever even tried it! I have the mattifying Secret Finish primer from Laura Mercier to help with oil but it never made any difference for me. Now that my skin is much less oily (seemed to have been related to my pregnancy, not sure) I've been having issues with my current foundations looking dull and dry.

The consistency is sort of a gel like lotion, it doesn't have the silicone slippery feel something like Smashbox Photo Finish primer has. It will slide off your hand though with a wet trail behind it, so it's a little slippery which is what makes me think of a more gel-cream consistency. It has a scent that sort of reminds me of sunscreen and applied it's almost like a light moisturizer, the scent doesn't stick around long. 

I've really enjoyed the finish this has been giving me. In general, I've never found primers to be useful no matter how many I keep trying. They never help with foundation longevity for me or oil control. Now that my needs are a little different, I was pleasantly surprised to find this actually helped foundation not look so dull on my skin. I've worn it with CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation in 805 Ivory and Revlon Colorstay Combo Oily in 110 Ivory - both mixed with Illamasqua Skin Base in White to lighten. 

Since these foundations are long wearing formulas that are more matte, with less oil on my face they aren't sitting so well, especially in my drier areas such as my cheeks and upper forehead. While it doesn't help the foundation last on my nose, chin and lower forehead - it does help my skin look fresher. It has a little more of a dewy finish instead of a flat matte finish. Overall I've been very pleased! I am looking to buy a new foundation that's a better formula for my current skin situation, I'm not sure if I'd still like this with a less dry foundation. But for now, it really is making using what I have more enjoyable to use!

What's your favorite primer? Thanks for reading!