MAC Waterproof Brow Set in Red Chestnut for Quick Root Touch-Up

So apparently the hair color I've been using lately isn't the best at covering gray! It's the L'Oreal Preference Mousse Absolue in Light Auburn - I really enjoy the application, but the last go-around I was left with a fair amount of visible gray and white at the front on my face where it's the most noticeable. It gives the illusion of my forehead being even bigger than it already is, which is hard to imagine. ;)

So the other day I thought, hey I've got this waterproof brow set from MAC that's in a reddish warm shade (Red Chestnut), why not try it on the roots! I know the regular non-waterproof brow set even mentions using it on lashes and facial hair, so thought let's try out the waterproof one. It's a little more dry and with the claim of being waterproof, thought it might not slide around on my head once it set.

Here's a little before and after. For me, it really makes quite a difference to just get those white hairs covered at my widow's peak and temples! Especially since the hair that is dyed is much warmer, so everything looks a little more evened out. I colored only a couple weeks ago, so this is a nice way to hold off for a few more weeks before I need to bust out the dye again. It lasts well but does add some stiffness to the hair (it doesn't have super strong hold though), doesn't smear or transfer in any noticeable way (though if you used a lot, it may be a different story).

What's your favorite quick fix for visible roots? Or any clever uses of a brow set? Thanks for reading!