ULTA - Laura Geller, Stila, LA Splash

Went to a different ULTA than I usually do after getting my hair trimmed today.  There was a counter for Laura Geller, I hadn't swatched any before so I checked out the little baked eyeshadow quad, baby cakes.  This green gold Sage shadow sold it to me alone. I had difficulty getting decent swatch pictures of all this, I tried a good 4 times.  I think a lot of it is that most of the shades are pretty due to their small glitter.  Far left is swatched on the LA Splash sealer/base, middle swatch is on the sealer/base and wet, far right is wet and not on the base but blended out.  Applying the shadow wet and on the base/sealer were almost exactly the same effect.  Interesting. 

Petrilude had a quick tip tutorial for glitter application, he recommended the LA Splash eyeshadow base/sealer - ULTA had a sale of buy 2 get 1 free so I figured I'd grab it.  Also got one of their glitters in Golden Tangerine (gold, peachy, green, red glitter) and an Enlightened creamy shadow base in Nude.

Finally also caved on a Stila lip gloss 3 pack, I picked up the package and saw the golden shimmer in one of the glosses and I have a Jordana lip gloss in the same brush-on form factor that I enjoy.. couldn't resist!
The base/sealer really grabs glitter and shadow, it's quite impressive.  Sorry, no swatches for the Stila glosses - I don't have the heart to get the camera out again (I forgot after the 4th round to get the gloss).

Funny little sidenote, I kept wondering why the holes in the glitter were shaped like a 5.. er, duh.  Finally noticed when taking pictures it was LA.


  1. I just looked at these photos, and I saw the Stila lipgloss.....GWASH! That stuff is incredble! (A little think and sticky) I use it with chapstick though... :]
    Lovely blog! Just lovely

  2. Thank you!
    Definitely agree on the sticky-factor of the Stila gloss. I wore the pink grapefruit shade all day at work today, pretty good staying power through countless cups of coffee, only reapplied every 2-3 hours. :) Also lips never fully dried out which is a big bonus for me having mega chronic dryness. Only downside to me of stickiness is windy conditions and loose hair.


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