Wet n Wild Give Me A Price Quote NOTD

I've had some mild thawing in my spending freeze and when I saw my cramped little Walgreens by work had a couple things from the Ice Baby limited edition collection my heart skipped a beat!  Last time around with Dream Weavers, I never did see any of the products that I wanted in stock.  Here I got Give Me A Price Quote which is a yellow gold bar glitter.  I had been seriously interested in bar glitters but they don't seem to be quite catching on with the lower price point polishes yet.

Please excuse the messier than usual painting, I was so happy with the results I grabbed the camera right after applying. :)  It dries quickly and is surprisingly opaque - this was 2 regular coats (nail strengthener, base coat, 2 coats, top coat of Seche Vite).  It is definitely more rough than the standard glitter and you have to watch out for strips of glitter hanging over the edge of the nail.  I have heard that it can wear and chip faster due to this, might be worth the effort to seal the tips with top coat after filing off any strays.  Brush into cap length is a bit short, brush itself is sort of wide and formula is slightly goopy.

Overall I'm super pleased!