First impressions of Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack Matte Palette

When I initially swatched a few colors the first night I broke the box open I wasn't seeing a whole lot of color payoff.  Being all mattes, I figured they would be a little more difficult to deal with and it's not top-top quality stuff, so that's okay too.  Well, I was jabbering away with my Mom today and started working on a look with the new palette.  Took a nice healthy swipe of one of the pinks, brushed across my lid and WOW!  That's some kind of pigmentation!  Figured might as well just go with it and played around with the pink and a couple purples, a really nice peachy coral, bit of yellow and the white for highlight.  Also sampled some of the blushes, they are less pigmented (good for me, I tend to be heavy handed with blush) - nice range of colors, some I don't have anything similar.

Pictures taken about 7 hours after I put them on, used Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer.

I wish they'd change the font on these palettes...

The white isn't the best pigmentation-wise, but the rest I tried except the coral-peachy color gave that much payoff on one swipe.  I absolutely love matte shadows, for hooded/saggy lid eyes like myself I think it doesn't attract as much attention to that fact.  Not to mention the soft glowing gradient effect that matte can give.  Looking forward to playing around more with this palette!