Compulsive Lip Product Swatching!

But not Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics swatches, sorry to disappoint.  Most evenings I sit down at some point at my makeup area to tinker with products, play around with new looks and eventually pick out an eye/lip/cheek for the next day.  While I'm accustomed to how most of my lip products look in the tube, I forget what happens when they end up on my lips.  Since I am very fair and my lips can be decently pigmented, products often end up much darker than I'm expecting.  So!  I have a lot of lip stuff, and I don't wear them all evenly amounts of time.  I am pretty good at rotating through my eye and cheek products with a favorite here and there, but I plain neglect some lipsticks/glosses.  Which is especially ridiculous since they have the shortest shelf life!

Anyhow!  This means sometimes I slather on some lip goop, decide I want to try something else, so on and so forth.  Tonight after testing a few lip items, I started swatching them.  Then I swatched a few more in the same color family.  Then I just kept on a swatchin', and it turned into a little project to swatch everything in my drawer.  It was also a good opportunity to throw away the truly ancient stuff I'd had lingering around for 3-5 years (why I keep moving it from storage spot to new storage spot, I have no clue).  Anyway, my hand came out so colorful I had to share.  I have some lip marks where I was trying to blot off the majority of my first lip application before I started swatching.  And the two big funky swaths of brownish nude was me trying to warm up this Wet N Wild matte nude lipstick to see if the consistency improves with warmth. 

And here's the bin with said lipsticks.  Sometimes I group them by color, but it's hard to keep it organized in this sort of setup.  I should devise a better way, but this does the job for the moment.
As a side note, that L'Oreal HIP pink lip gloss smells very much like vanilla wafer cookies to me.  Makes me hungry!  Much stronger than say the vanilla cake-y smell of a MAC lip product.

And for a random inclusion, I bought a few new office type organizing items at Target the other day that's helping keep the palettes out of the way and safe. Also got a pencil holder making eyeliner and other random tall skinny things that I use often easier to grab instead of digging through a drawer like the lip stuff.

Fun stuff!


  1. My hand always looks like that after I get back from the mall lol


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