Eyes of The Day + Mini Review CARGO Mediterranean Collection Eyeshadow Duo

Decided to try out the CARGO eye duo that looked so pretty in swatches, the more I dug around in the product I realize how chunky the gold color is.  I was a hot sparkly mess!  I figured since I was going full-on shimmer with the eyes, I could use my ultra shimmery Candlelight in Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  It managed to creep down into my inner corner and underneath my lashline, combined with the fallout from the gold.  Oh my.  I used my e.l.f. fan brush to try to de-glitterball myself, popped on the Garnier rollerball concealer and snapped a couple pictures.  My skin is in even more miserable condition than yesterday, so I am cropping out that wreckage and just going for eyes today. :)

Here's everything I used - and today I remembered to curl my eyelashes, but forgot to include the curler in the shot!  Sheesh. It's the e.l.f. $1 eyelash curler for reference!  I don't curl my lashes every day as they are naturally fairly lifted, curling just adds a little more oomph.

The Revlon matte shadow is Vintage Lace, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Whiskey, NYX eyebrow marker in Medium.

First slathered on some of the Candlelight, then I (tried to) carefully pat the gold #2 shade on my lid with the Sigma E55 shader brush.  Next I liberally wiped off the brush on a towel and patted on the bronze shade #1 on the outer third of lid and along my crease to contour a bit.  I went back with the clean Sigma E25 blending brush and windshield wipered through my crease for quite a while to soften the bronze #1 shade and get rid of that scaly over-shimmery look and it blended out sort of coppery orange (something that often happens with this shade range on me, MAC Woodwinked goes ultra orange on my skin).  I went back in with the E55 and pat on more gold #2 along the lid because it had gotten a little lost with my enthusiastic blending.

I took #3 matte Vintage Lace on the Sigma E50 huge dense fluffy brush and layered on a good amount at my browbone (the color gets a little lost on my skin).  I also softened the edge around the crease, and took the color down the edges near my outer corner.  When color gets down near my outer corner, it tends to make my eyes look sad and droopy so if I have a matte light color sometimes I blend it down that way to brighten up the edges.

I tightlined and applied to my waterline with Urban Decay liner in Whiskey, though to be honest UD 24/7 does not stay on my waterline at all.  My eyes do water a fair amount and I had to reapply right before taking a picture because it had already become patchy.  Looks nice for a few minutes at least, ahem.  Curled the lashes, drew in some eyebrows and layered on the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes.  Came out pretty I think (though not that special), but that chunky gold is a little bit of a pain to work with.  One thing I would change is using black liner instead of brown, so much oranges and browns is making especially the waterline a little red looking.


  1. this looks like a good look for summer! have you thought of lining your waterline with a white or nude colored pencil?

  2. Funny you should mention, I was digging through my pencils last night looking for one! I don't line my waterline that often due to there being few products I've tried that last more than 20 minutes - but I thought I had a white liner laying around. Must have pitched it. I've had moderately good luck with Jordana automatic pencils on the waterline, I'll have to check at Walgreens next time I'm there to see if they have any in the light shade range.

  3. Yeah I have the same problem too. It's a shame that they don't last very long on me, because my looks always seem a bit off with my pink waterline

  4. Another tip I've come across is setting the waterline liner with an eyeshadow. I've tried it a few times, but it usually gets in my eyes a bit which irritates them and makes them water more.. so then I end up with some gunky paste that gathers in the inner corner. Not exactly the look I was going for. ;)


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