First Look and FOTD with Maybelline EyeStudio Mythical Mermaid

I was so enchanted with this small green eye palette when I bought it yesterday, I wanted to try it out today.  I wasn't planning a blog post, but it was so pretty I thought I'd try to get some pictures of it and do my first Face of The Day.  My skin is having a rough time (well, it usually is, let's be honest) and I haven't wanted to do many full face pictures.  But, ah well, we can pretend the red spots on my chin are freckles. :)  I didn't bother trying to cover them up, it just catches on the dry spots anyway.  So here we go!

A look from the side.
And with eyes closed, can't say it's the best blending I've done but I slapped this on in a couple minutes.
Here's the eye products I used, only item not pictured is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance - the Maybelline eye palette and Maybelline Cool Effect Cooling Shadow/Liner, lashes having L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (I love the brush on this, easy to keep clump-free).
And a diagram of where I put the shadows.  I applied #2 across my entire lid, #3 on the other third angling out to the corner, #4 at the outer half lashline, #1 at the top of the crease; daiquiri at the browbone and inner corner - Million Lashes on upper and lower lashes.
The rest of my face products here, also forgot to put the eyebrow marker in with the eyes so it's stuck in here as well.  Not sure yet what I think of it, it's also on the warm side and like most cheaper marker products it sort of dries up if held at the angle you'd normally use it with.
The LORAC highlighter is in Spotlight, CARGO blu_ray in shade #10, NYX Eyebrow Marker in Medium, NYX round lipstick in Orange Soda, Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss in Designer Label, CARGO blush in Mendocino.

And here's the only brushes I used - foundation brush (Sigma F60) for the CARGO blu_ray, Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter for blush and highlighter (what I use daily) and Ulta Professional Eye Shadow brush for the entire eye look.
I love this eye palette, lots of sparkle and lovely colors.  The orange toned lipstick and sparkly gloss seems to work well with my skintone.  I went very easy on the blush and will like to work with it more.


  1. You look so pretty! Love the eye makeup, and that's the perfect nude lipstick for you =)


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