Perception of Makeup, Oh No You Didn't Just Call Me a Clown

I've never been afraid of color for eye makeup, now that it's become more of a hobby my technique and variety of looks has expanded and improved (not to mention my much larger of a makeup collection to choose from).  I've also gotten a friend at work experimenting more with eye looks, and since we're pretty friendly with our coworkers makeup has ended up being a topic of discussion lately.  I work in IT and both of our departments are mainly guys.  I had an idea of what the general perception of makeup from guys and girls that don't wear it/aren't interested in it is, but this has opened my eyes even more.

One day a while back, I did a rather bright blue and green eye look - it wasn't crazy, but it wasn't neutral to say the least.  I don't blend much above my crease (since I don't have a lot of lid up there) so it's mainly visible while blinking/looking down.  I thought it wasn't too wackadoodle for work.  My friend and I were jibberjabbering as usual and one of the guys popped up, everyone is pretty sarcastic and likes to joke around - well.  He made a comment about the blue eye thing going on, and at some point ended up calling me a clown.  For me, this crossed the line!  We all harass each other, but that's getting a little personal!  Telling a lady her makeup is clownish even if you're joking is like calling her fat, just don't do it!

Now I laughed it off and later talked to my friend, she confirmed it was a horrifying thing to say and we both just boggled over it.  A few days later I told my other good pal what happened, and he couldn't believe it either.  He marched right over there and made a big fuss over it, which tickled me to no end.  So now it's the big office joke and we will never let him live it down.  As it should be. :) 

Another thing that has come up, my pal (the defender) also seemed to think that all eyeshadow is black.  It was news to him that it came in colors.  So that sparked a discussion as to what his fiance does for makeup, he confirmed he doesn't really know what she wears, but that it looks like no makeup (he said mine did as well that day but of course I had a full face on but neutral eyeshadow).  Then a truly weird statement came out of him; one thing he doesn't like her wearing is red lipstick.  There never was a good reason that he could provide behind it, but it was just Too Much.  I do know there's some odd perceptions out there sometimes about things like heels and red lips, etc; but I never would have expected it from him. 

I find it truly interesting what the so-called outsider view of makeup is.  I will continue my information gathering and report back any new developments.  Clowns Unite!


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