Update on Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+

I had bought MUFE Mat Velvet+ in shade 20 Ivory, Sephora description says for light skin with beige undertones at the VIB 15% off sale (at Sephora) about 3 weeks ago.  I would say it's been difficult to work with, but it wasn't making me break out and I didn't get super oily wearing it.  It doesn't prevent me from getting oily by mid-morning to afternoon, but I am noticeably less oily compared to other foundations I have.  The difficulty working with it has been in blending, it catching on any minor dry spots and how quickly it dries and sets.  Nonetheless, I was happy to work with it because of good staying power and not aggravating my acne.  Some other foundations I have I will sometimes end up with two new nodule type pimples developing by the end of the day, pretty scary stuff!

One day this past weekend I was out and about, it was fairly overcast and I was checking my makeup in the car and to my horror the foundation looked way too dark on me.  I frantically tried to blending it out around my jawline, but I couldn't believe how mismatched it looked!  I had checked it in various lighting, indoor and out and hadn't noticed a drastic difference.  I did think it made me darker than my natural skintone but not so much that there was a distinct difference down to the neck.  I do always blend past my jaw into my neck a bit, but don't take my makeup all the way down my neck.

So I dug out the sample of shade 15 I had gotten before purchasing the 20, 15 is described on Sephora's site as for porcelain skin with pink undertones.  I don't feel my skin is pink undertones per se, but more in the neutral to warm category.  I tried the sample out for work one day and it did seem to be a better match shade-wise, it seemed light enough and was easier for me to work with.  Used it for a day and decided I needed to exchange my shade 20 at Sephora for 15.  I swatched the two before I left, a couple hours had passed and 20 had turned downright orange toned on my hand (it was a rather thick swatch), so maybe it's just a little dark and oxidizes on me.  Nonetheless, they processed the exchange without issue (I was slightly concerned it would be a problem since I had bought it originally with the 15% discount but they did the return/sale for the same price).

I used the new bottle of shade 15 this morning, it was lighter than the sample I had and a thinner consistency, I imagine since the sample has been opened longer and in the little sample pot itself a while.  Nonetheless, I used my fresh bottle with a damp sponge and it applied like a dream.  It felt like it truly disappeared into my skin, I wasn't sure I was even applying it!  The only downside is it doesn't help cancel out the redness in my skin, but I'm trying to use my green correcting primer from L'Oreal again (thought it might be breaking me out previously) for that job.  I will try applying with fingers, foundation brush, buffer brush and see how those work.  Since I don't want full coverage, this can go on heavy (from my experimenting with shade 20) but sponges aren't my favorite method of applying since they're more of a hassle on the cleaning side.

I need to continue using it for a full report, but signs are good on this one!