Black and Gold Nails - Maybelline and Sinful Colors

I needed some new mascara (another post most likely, I did not react well to the Neutrogena oil free makeup remover and reconfirmed waterproof mascara is not something I want to deal with on a daily basis) so I headed over to Walgreens with some coupons and sales in mind.  Of course I had to check out the clearance items while I was there!  This Maybelline Express Finish polish was on $2ish clearance price, I like the line in general and I had in mind to pick up a black polish (was surprised to find I didn't have one already).  So I grabbed Onyx Rush, it looked a little watery but shaking it up it did recombine so I figured I was good. 

Got home and slathered on two coats and it was fully opaque (no top or base coat, my nails are a hot mess after giving them 2 weeks to breath and wearing polish once, wondering if it's the Seche Vite...).  I left it to dry but decided it was looking slightly gothic-y so I knew I wanted a glittery something on top.  I just pried off some extremely chunky glitter earlier in the day (and only from 2 fingers and it was exhausting!) so I figured I'd go for a sheer very fine glitter non-glitter polish.  Knew the Sinful Colors All About You would be perfect for the job.

That gold shimmer is so pretty!  I really love the effect it gave with black, not exactly a summer look though. :)