Colors I've Been Drawn to Lately

It's interesting how I (we) cycle through color preferences.  I think I am likely influenced by what's on trend, but sometimes certain shades just speak to me.

Lately I've been really digging greens/yellows/teals, chartreuse especially; and lilac/lavender.  I think part of it is being attracted to the combo colors - yellow-greens, blue-greens and pink-purples.  Can't get enough of them!

I was at Target for some waterproof eye makeup remover (picked up Neutrogena's liquid based on some half-remembered youtube recommendation) and the nail polish always speaks to me.  I can convince myself to skip the makeup, but I have a horrible time passing up polish. :)  I got two lime/yellow greens and a hot pink coral.  I tried out the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Chartreuse Chase (chartreuse with a greenish shimmer?) and NYC Long Wearing (on sale for $.89 down from $.99, score!) Classic Coral on my toes.  Alternated the green and pink and did the big toes half pink and half chartreuse.  Feeling the 80s!

So, what colors are everyone else out there being drawn to these days?