Face without a Stitch of Makeup, Invisible Eyebrows and Lashes

I went sans-makeup today, and I thought I'd grab a picture before the opportunity slipped past!  I wear something on my eyes almost every day, so it's not too common to catch me in my natural state unless I just rolled out of bed. :)

My almost-blonde lashes often garnered comments about me looking tired or sick when I would go without mascara in my younger days.  But the way I look at it now is, some days I sort of like the weird half-eyebrow-less look, and I always have the option!  Easier to darken them up than lighten, right!

I had what felt like a nodular type acne situation on my chin, and maybe it's just the switch-up in treatment I used this time around but it's receding faster than usual.  It's still a lump and slightly sore, but it was about 7mm in size, now it's down to under 5mm for sure and it's been less than a week!  I normally use salicylic acid on active blemishes, but since this was one of those monsters that can hang around for weeks, I broke out the 10% benzoyl peroxide and every morning and evening dabbed it only on that spot (I don't use it normally, it'll make me peel and cause mega-redness).  Seems to be doing the trick! 

*Sorry about the glowing alien skin going on here, it's too late to fiddle with it.
**What's up with all the made-up-hyphenated-words in this post!  Sheesh.