June 2011 Favorites - Hot Weather Stuff and a Bow Ring!

I hadn't been really loving anything in particular this month, I did enjoy the NARS blush/bronzer trio I had bought recently but I was having issues with fading and sweating it off with the weather and walking to the bus so that wasn't really doing it for me.  But towards the end of the month, I found several products that I really latched on to. 

With the mornings being warmer and more humid, with the occasional 80F degree/80% humidity days - I have been looking for things that would stick with me through some sweating.  I walk a mile to the bus in the morning, and I really hate when I haven't even gotten to work but my blush is fading.  I bought the Benefit posietint on a whim at Macy's one day (I can walk to Macy's from my office downtown, dangerous!) because I'd been pondering buying some sort of cheek stain.  When I swatched the posietint and realized it was a gel as opposed to a liquid and it would be easier to blend out (and wouldn't require as quick moving as the original benetint), I bought it.  I've loved it!  It's bizarrely similar to my natural flush color, so much that I've been fooled when catching a glance in the mirror, wondering why I'm flushed if I'm not hot.

I have still been enjoying my MUFE Mat Velvet+ in shade #15, it doesn't bother my skin and the color is fabulous.  Only downside, and this really goes for any traditional foundation let's be honest, my skin has been cycling through dry spells and this stuff will highlight massively any dry flakes. 

It doesn't work so great in the heat, but nonetheless I really like the Laura Mercier Undercover Pot shade 1 which has the two concealers and setting powder in one.  I can't say I find the setting powder to be any better than my e.l.f. HD powder, but I'm no powder expert.  I have been using a powder puff to press the powder in for setting, then dusting off the excess with a powder brush per Wayne Goss' (gossmakeupartist) tip.  Kind of shocked how lovely the finish is doing that method!  I like how dry the oil free concealer is, good for blemishes that can be aggravated by a concealer that isn't oil free; and the rich emollient peachy concealer for under eyes is good for correcting and as long as my undereye skin isn't excessively dry - it's creamy enough to not be patchy or catch on dryness (I have been having great difficulty with dryness under my eyes the past week so I haven't even bothered using concealer).

To go along with the hot and sweaty-resistant theme, also digging the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, I only have one in shade 17 - it's a plum that blends out sort of brown on me.  It's very shimmery/metallic when packed on.  It is definitely waterproof, but it does break down on me a bit especially if I'm sweating/wearing sunscreen.  But I can wear it for a workday without worrying about it becoming horribly creased.

To go with the summer feel, I've been adoring that dewy glow that MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl gives me.  I looove highlight, and I love having shiny cheekbones.  But powder highlights just get lost, especially in the "full spectrum" fluorescent lighting at work which dulls down shimmer in general - and with the moisture and humidity they seem to fade fast.  Pearl will remain glowing and shiny in the flat lighting, and will hold up for my morning jaunt to the bus as long as it's not very hot like it was today.  Under those circumstances, I don't blame it for breaking down. :)

And a little sidenote, in my foundation swatch post I'm wearing posietint on my lips, MUFE Aqua Cream on my eyes and the cream color base in Pearl on my brownbone for a highlight!

Last but definitely not least, and not makeup related in the slightest, a ring from Target!  But I love it so much, I had to include it.  It was what inspired me to post my favorites actually.  I find it so adorable, can't even put it into words.  It was in their sterling silver section, with cubic zirconia.  Unfortunately they only seemed to carry size 7s and 8s, I wanted a 6 so I could wear it on my ring finger.  But, alas, I had to get it anyway and it's only a slight bummer that I have to wear it on my middle finger. :)

I think a fun detail is that the loops are open in the bow, gives it some extra dimension.  The one downside to this ring, it catches on materials!  A couple times now when drying my hands on a towel it has snagged on a loop in the towel.  So I just need to be a little more mindful of when I'm jamming my hand into a fabric. 

I will post separately for my June Flops, I didn't want to cram it all into one. :)