Sephora Haul - More Hot Weather Items!

I decided I wanted more of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream products since I'd been enjoying the one I have so much.  My first purchase was shade 17 which is a plummy brown metallic, I wanted to get more everyday colors.  I went in looking at the lighter champagne color, 13 and the taupe 15.  I found the champagne to be very light and while nice, nothing I felt I had to have.  I didn't like how the taupe swatched on me (too brown maybe).  So I tried swatching others, gold (11), copper (12), steel (2).  Decided I liked the copper and steel, that I'd be comfortable using those as single color looks on those days I wanted waterproof eyes. 

I wandered around the store thinking about my new Benefit posietint and mulled over getting another cheek stain/gel product.  In the end, I decided I remembered really enjoying the peachy pink gold MUFE Aqua Cream.  Went back to swatch it, shade 5 and it was pretty as I remember.  And you know my weakness for gold shimmer...

So I pulled the trigger on those three shades.  And snagged a travel sized Urban Decay All Nighter spray, I had been thinking about ordering one of the Skindinavias sprays but hadn't gotten around to it.  I have a wedding I'll be the maid of honor in coming up in a month and I was hoping to find something to set my makeup.  It's a summer event and I tend to get warm and sweaty easily, and if I could get a good set on my makeup there would be less to fret over.  We'll see how it goes, I do have the moisturizing spray from Urban Decay (Dew Me) and unfortunately I never really noticed any difference. 

My lips are always dry, even keeping them covered in some sort of lip goo they are in a constant state of flaking.  I knew the MUFE cream would be drying, but I tried some of the peachy pink on to see how miserable it would be.  I put some Nivea lip balm on after applying and to my surprise, it didn't look bad.  Interestingly enough, a couple hours have past and the lip balm doesn't seem to be breaking down the Aqua Cream too badly.  Huh!

Swatches are packed on in the left swatch, blended out in the right.  Not a huge difference between the copper and silver, but the peachy pink definitely brings out the gold shimmer when blended.  I tried some on my cheeks as well, gotta move fast and be fairly precise in where you want it.  It doesn't have the downside of the stain/gel though, that when putting a second coat on if necessary, sometimes the initial blob put down over the first coat can stain a little.  I will be posting a Face of The Day with a couple of the new Aqua Creams shortly!