Tarte for True Blood Palette and Swatches

Splurged (again! ack) and grabbed this Tarte for True Blood palette during the ULTA Friends and Family 20% off sale.  Lots of good every day neutrals and other fun colors mixed in.  The eyeshadow pans are generously sized, you also get a mini eye primer and mascara along with a full sized emphasEYES gel liner in black.
Inside the palette, there's a film with the color names on it which is always handy.
 In the box it also had a chart with the shadows, which opened up to include four eye looks created by True Blood's makeup artist Brigitte Ellis - always a fun little bonus for inspiration.
For the swatches, I did not use a primer or base.  I took two small swipes of the shadow with my finger, then one swipe across my arm to give an idea of pigmentation across the shades.  Most are quite good, creamy and easy to work with.

Waitress comes off sort of chunky compared to the other shades and when doing a quick eye I found I had some powdery globs that proceeded to spread glitter all over my face when I tried to brush them off.  That's definitely a shade that needs tapping off.  Dawn felt powdery and almost gritty when swatching with my finger, but came up on a brush easily.

I like that there's a good amount of matte and matte with microglitter, and not all shimmery/metallic shades.  Maybe one day Urban Decay will get that hint... :)


  1. Great review, swatches and pics. U have to understand something about me. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE tarte fanatic! I met Maureen Kelly, brought her flowers and everything. Always watch her on QVC. I wish I could splurge on this too but need a paycheck first lol. well it's not funny but u know what I mean.

  2. Thanks so much! I hear you, makeup is darned expensive. At least this palette is good value comparatively.


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