ULTA Friends and Family and Miscellanous Goodies

ULTA had sent out their 20% off Friends and Family mailer that included prestige cosmetics, always exciting!  I didn't really have anything non-drugstore in mind when I went to the store, but had a variety of odds and ends I did want to pick up.  I will post swatches from the Tarte for True Blood palette separately.  It was so lovely, with so many easy every day colors along with some fun deep colors, with the discount it was an especially great deal.

I had some coupons and deals I was working at CVS for Revlon - in addition to the lip gloss and lipstick here I picked up New Complexion cream foundation in 01 Ivory Beige and PhotoReady Concealer in 002 Light.  Both seem really nice!  I've been using the Sigma F50 duo fibre brush for applying the cream, liked it so much I decided to grab the Real Techniques stippling brush as well here.
I returned the Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily skin because it so incredibly matte and I had a lot of difficulty keeping it from globbing up in my pores.  I wanted to give the Normal/Dry formulation a try, but I noticed they didn't have the SoftFlex formulation so I am wondering how old the stock is.  I decided to just return it instead.  Also returned the Revlon Brow Fantasy, strangely enough it was too light for me in Dark Blonde.  Looked sort of powdery and yellowy on my brows.  I did pick up this Prestige Brow Builder in Light/Medium to replace it, there's a tinted side and a clear conditioner brow set side.  The color is much better, similar to the darkest bits of my brows.

Picked up the Organix conditioner and mousse in coconut because along with gold shimmer, I love coconut scent. :)  My face seems to be getting too dry with the prescription face wash, so I'm trying to cut that out (but keep using the topical antibiotic and sulfury goo), got this Aveeno brightening wash.  It's very pretty (pearlescent!) and smells nice.  Face feels slightly tight after using it, but just about everything does that to me.

Wanted another angled eyebrow brush, but for applying shadow/gel liner so I got this ULTA branded one.  I also have one of their eyeshadow brushes, they are nice but they feel sort of light and like an art brush because of the very slender handle.

Also returned the Make Up For Ever Face & Body in shade 2 that I posted first impressions of not long ago.  I like the texture but it was too dark for me and peachy, I could use it but only an extremely thin layer which is okay but not really ideal.  Since they have a shade lighter on their website but not in the store, Sephora gave me a refund and a code for free shipping.  Haven't decided yet if I'm going to order it.  Used part of the return credit to buy this Sephora fragrance atomizer that I can use for my purse/travel.

The NYX glitter cream was an impractical purchase, but I've been wanting to try one of these for a while.

As messy as you'd expect, and using the sponge tip applicator actually seems like the best method for patting some on the eyes.
The middle glitter is the most interesting, multi-colored and had more fine grains of glitter.

I've been trying to find a good nude lipstick and gloss that wasn't orange likes most of my nudes and doesn't go super dark against my super pale skin, I'd heard lots of good things about Revlon Soft Nude - works well for me and the texture is nice!  Also picked up these two Essence XXXL Nudes glosses because I haven't tried any Essence lip products and they are very cheap ($1.99 I believe), the pigmentation is quite good considering the price.  Was expecting them to be more sheer.