Creased Color Look Inspired by pixiwoo Inspired by Anne Staunsager

On youtube, pixiwoo often is a source for inspiration - recreating looks from fashion shows, magazine editorials, advertisements, etc.  Samantha Chapman (one of the pixiwoo sisters) did this Creative Creased Colors tutorial inspired by a photograph of work done by Anne Staunsager (details on their blog).

Usually I get ideas for colors that I want to use the next day or a new technique, rarely an entire look that I feel compelled to recreate.  But this one was so fun and easy I had to try it out.  Initially I tried with some cream shadows I had but with my looser skin it was looking too crepey, so I hastily cleaned it off and tried again with my Coastal Scents matte palette with similar colors to what Sam used.  Here's how I came out!  Not nearly as clean and elegant, but a super interesting and easy look.
Started out with a very slapped on, messy blobs of colors.  Orange on inner half of lid, red on outer half, yellow on inner corner blended out to crease, dark blue on lower lashes.  I used Urban Decay 24/7 liners in Zero and Flipside initially, I had some leftovers of my earlier attempt and today's makeup from work so yeah.  It's a hot mess on the waterline area at this point.

Squinch up eyes and added the matte black shadow over.

It looks sort of painful, and to be honest it's not very comfortable!

Oooh look at the crazy patterns!  Before cleaning up with makeup remover I had the black shadow all over the place.

Cleaned up a bit with more concealer, mascara.

I also added some Jordana liner in seagreen which was a bit lighter/brighter than the Flipside was showing up.  Fun stuff!

Here's the products I used:

Lips were Revlon Soft Nude and Peach Petal gloss.  Prestige brow gel from earlier in the day in light/medium, a variety of concealers in the cleanup process.  Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash sample for mascara, Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion which is what I use on a q-tip/cotton bud daily for getting makeup off the waterline/lash lines.  Very gentle and easy on the skin.


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