Natural Look with Big Lashes Inspired by Lisa Eldridge and Tanya Burr

I watched two tutorials recently, Lisa Eldridge's Emma Watson Spiky Lash Elle UK Cover Look and Tanya Burr's (pixi2woo) No Makeup Look that got me inspired.

I've been absolutely loving my MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body foundation since I ordered shade #38 online which isn't available in stores around me.  Sephora calls the shade Pink Porcelain (porcelain skin with pink undertones) and is the lightest shade available.  I had previously purchased Porcelain Pink #2 but it was far too dark, but I loved the texture.  I'll be doing a quick post next with swatches of #38 and my other go-to foundations for shade comparisons.  Anyhow!  Tanya's tutorial was with MAC Face and Body and generally was a very light makeup look to even out the skin, very slight contouring around the eye, natural lip and lashes. 

Here's the foundation in natural light with my neck for comparison.  My neck is quite a lot lighter than my face due to not having the freckle coverage my face has.  My chest is also very light, similar to my neck, so ideally I need to match near my neck but it's fairly rare to find foundation light enough.  My guess is my face is between NC10-15, neck is NC5-10 possibly lighter.  When I swatch foundation on my inner arm, it's a bit lighter than my neck.

Lisa Eldridge's look for Emma Watson also had slight shading on the eyes, a natural but luminous fresh face, and monster lashes.  I always love big lashes so I thought I'd take the lashes (but slightly toned down) and a little contouring for my face.

Overall a very simple look but I was struggling a tad with the face, around my under eye area and nose (mostly on the left side) tends to get very dry so even though I had moisturized thoroughly I was getting bits of concealer/foundation globbing up that I had to deal with.

And here's the products used, first time I used the Prestige My Blackest Lashes which so many lovely youtube ladies have raved about.  First impression was LOVE!  Now it did take a while to build up the look, but they had that gorgeous wispy separated look that remained even as I built up the volume.

Used only Buck from the NAKED palette (medium matte brown) in the crease and upper/bottom lash lines.  Used the MUFE, two pumps, all over (including eyelids which I usually can't do with dry/crinkly lids).  Wet n Wild white pencil in the inner corner to keep it a little brighter without shimmer.  Milani HD concealer under the eyes but the color and texture doesn't work too well for me to be honest (little dark, slippery, catches on dry spots).  Revlon blush which is very hard but I find the brush that came in the compact is best at scraping out some product.  It's a matte tawny peach shade, used for contour and blush.  The Sephora gloss palette really needs to be used over a color since they are so sheer, but I used the second from top and second from bottom shades over a bare lip.  Some gloss and shine and a hint of color.