Quick Messy Halloween Inspired Crazy FOTD

I'm not doing anything for Halloween and as I practiced yet another winged liner technique tonight that got a little crazy, I decided to just keep playing around.

Because of the outer crease being somewhat hooded, I have a hard time figuring out liner.  This time I started the line outside of my crease and it just kinda kept going.  Then I was just messing around with the liner, went for the NYX cream glitter palette I have and tried to slap that on (wow even with the LA Splash sealer/base that stuff creases like nobody's business!), played around with shadows, contoured (badly blended on the nose as you can see below :) ), black and red lip.. etc!

So that's my Halloween inspired vampire/black swan/who knows messy FOTD!
Also trying to do the inner corner beak situation made me notice how different the structure of my nose is on each side.  One flattens out much earlier than the other, could not get them remotely even to save my life.  Side angled pictures to the rescue! 


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    Happy Halloween!


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