Gold, Bronze, Brown Swatch-tacular

I was having a rough time this week, so I took some retail therapy at Walgreens - it's the first beauty spending since I put the freeze into place (5 weeks now perhaps?).  I only bought clearance items that I couldn't get a coupon for - Milani brow kit, Milani HD lip and a Black Radiance eye duo (that I mistook for Iman, way to look at the packaging!) - out the door at $10, turned out being about 50% off even.  The eye duo was a familiar brown and gold, things I wear easily and on a regular basis.  When I got home, I was curious if they were similar to the Wet n Wild Vanity palette I was wearing today.  One thing led to another, and I ended up swatching just about every warm brown/bronze/gold shadow in my collection.

So here it is.  I actually did this three times, I left out some palettes that were hidden behind my mirror.  Funnily enough, I was so enthralled by their swatches (Wet n Wild Gilded Age) that I put them out to use for tomorrow. :)

So!  I have (vaguely left to right): Wet n Wild (WNW) Comfort Zone, WNW Gilded Age, WNW Vanity, e.l.f. beauty encyclopedia eye, CARGO duo from the Mediterranean kit, Tarte for True Blood, Black Radiance in Sunrise/Sunset, MAC Surf the Ocean (from Surf Baby) Crushed Metallic Pigment, Urban Decay NAKED, Estee Lauder Pure Color quad (warm) from a gift with purchase, Too Faced Romantic Eye palette.

Hopefully the numbers and labels helped.  I swatched these all on my hand without a plan or organization the first time, tried to remember which was what and failed miserably.. had to go again on my arm and kept track of the ordering as I went.  As you might be able to tell, I love gold and brown!  I also included some colors on the copper side of things colors, but not all of them that I have - I was getting tired from all the swatching and pictures! 

The two shadows that gave the least amount of color payoff while swatching were the Wet n Wild Vanity palette, the gold shade; as well as the gold shadow in Tarte for True Blood palette.  The CARGO gold is very chunky and has lots of fallout. 

The e.l.f. brown shadow is gorgeous, but they are so incredibly powdery in that palette it's a real chore to work with.  I haven't used anything in ages though, I should give it a go here sometime.  Not swatched but the the Gilded Age WNW highlight (labeled, but it's superduperultra frosty) is a beautiful pinky warm champagne - definitely working that sucker into a starring role in tomorrow's eye look.


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