Wet n Wild Baking a Cake baked palette Holiday 2011

My other little break in the spending freeze with the Wet n Wild Ice Baby polish in Give Me A Price Quote was this little baked palette in Baking a Cake.  I don't have any shimmer bright pinks and I wanted one, let's be honest.  The other colors in the palette interested me, especially the blue and the prospect of the swirly colors.  The other two palettes - one is a coppery brown type grouping and the other is blues.  I don't get a ton of use out of blues because I need to partner them with warmer colors or I look dirty/undead.  And as I've proved before with my gold/brown/bronze swatch-tacular post I have a lot of browns/bronze/copper etc.

So when my Walgreens had the Baking the Cake palette, I squealed in joy (okay, it was a silent squeal, this is a very cramped and busy downtown Walgreens where I could run into coworkers :) ).

Got this home and busted it out to swatch so I could figure out what I wanted to use tomorrow.  The pink is the sheerest of the bunch (blue is as well, but a little less so), I swatched these all dry - they will be same shade but more opaque/brighter/darker (depending on if it's a light or dark shade) when wet.  I did dabble around with the pink shade earlier in the day while wet on my lid and it was very pretty.  Since I had made such a nice arrangement of swatches, I figured I'd snap a picture and post it!

I really like the swirly shade next to the pink, it's kind of a slightly rosy bronzed something - but doesn't go orange or coppery - sort of rose gold-esque.  Thinking I'll feature that on the lid tomorrow and use the brighter pink near the crease, softening with the deepest shade to avoid looking too-too bright.  Fun stuff for $4.99!