Basic Face - What a Difference Eyebrows and Mascara Makes

It's no surprise I'm very pale, my eyebrows and eyelashes are varying shades of blonde and my hair is a medium brown/red/blonde/gray(cough) mixture.  One day a few weekends ago, I thought I'd just take some snaps as I got ready to show the difference defining my eyes and brows can make.  You'll have to excuse the frazzletastic hair, I didn't do anything to it after showering (as is usual for a weekend).

Here's the blank canvas, skin routine (moisturizer w/SPF, extra moisturizer for dry spots, eye cream for mega-dry undereyes, acne goo for problem areas) is done.  If I dare go to work without at least some mascara on, I usually get comments that I look sick or tired.  Score!

Next up, some foundation to even out the redness on my cheeks/nose/chin.

Now to a basic neutral eye, because of the warmth it actually enhances the sickly look.  It gets better, I promise!

Next up, eyeliner!  I don't wear eyeliner every day, but it's an easy way to bring some emphasis to my eyes which can get lost in the paleness.  I'm also rocking the slightly crazy eyes, don't mind me!

Now.. this one is even more startling, eyebrows!  They're a little dark/warm this time up but I do like a strong brow (probably because my brows are kinda weak and sparse).

Lastly, I've got blush, mascara and some sort of lip color on.  I think for me, mascara makes the largest impact.  Brows certainly help give my face more structure, but I'd skip them for mascara if I had to chose.